Tour 2010 in Fort Worth, TX.

Had a Blast! Looking forward
to 2011.
Tour 2009 in Conroe, TX.

My first tour and it was great!
Channel 4 Fox News follows KC
Horse Training for Hot Jobs
This is myself (Keli Graham) with
Candy West (Taylor), and the crew
from Fox 4.  In 2009, I was tired of
working for others and worrying about
getting laid-off, so I told my best friend
that I wanted to start my horse training
biz back up and asked if she would be
interested in joining me.  She
accepted the challenge, even though
she knew nothing about training and
had only recently purchased her first
horse.  So off we go building KC
Horse Training.  I taught her everything
she knows and we built a great
business together and had a lot of
laughs along the way.  Unfortunately,
she choose to peruse other interests
and so we parted ways and the name
of the business was changed to KG
Horse Training and Breeding.  I wish
her all the best in her life and that God
may bless her in whatever she may
Click on the picture below to
watch the Hot Jobs Video.

We had a blast with Brandon Jones
and his crew from Fox 4 News.
KG Horse Training & Breeding is proud to offer a lifetime (over 30 years) of
training experience and horsemanship.  I have been riding my entire life (since
age 2), training and competing in barrel racing since high school (since age
14).  I love horses and love helping people to enjoy their horses. This is my
life and my passion, it's not just a job!  To read more about me, check out our
"About Us" page.
Free consultations- NOTE:
(Anything over 10 miles
round trip, will be charged a
fuel charge for mileage of
$1.00 per mile)
Please feel free to call
for an opportunity to
come see our facility
and meet with us before
sending your horse...we
welcome it, we want all
our client's to know
their horses are safe
and well cared for.
Call Us Today!
Keli Graham-Zimmerman,

email us at
Call us today, so you can be riding tomorrow!
KG Horse Training & Breeding
KG Horse Training & Breeding

Keli Graham-Zimmerman,  C.E.S.M.T.
BUS/Minor-Equine Science, AS-Ag
Sales & Services

8635 Turtle Road,  Orange, TX 77632

409-745-4855                 409-474-0155

Cherokee & Wildfire
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You can never make
the same mistake
twice. The first time
it's a mistake, the
second time it's a
A good rider can
hear his horse speak
to him, a great rider
can hear his horse
whisper, but a bad
rider won't hear his
horse even if it
screams at him.
Tour 2011-Katy, TX

AWESOME weekend!
Cypress Creek
Farm & Ranch Supply

Serving you is our TOP

894 FM 2938
Buna, TX 77612

Phone (409) 994-9420
Fax (409) 994-9425

Your bulk feed headquarters

Established in 2007
C & C Saddle Shop

"Your Saddle's Best Friend"

Dickie Courts

3590 E. Railroad
Vidor, TX 77662

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Update: 07/01/2015:
Have some great news!  I have brought Sierra Hutchison on as a full time
apprentice trainer, she will have to apprentice under me for a year before
being promoted to full staff trainer.

Update: 02/01/15:
WOW!  Hard to believe that KG Horse Training & Breeding is 7 years old.  I have been
training for years, but on the side and no formal business.  Seven years ago, I started
training full-time and KC Horse Training was born, a year later, my business partner
left the business st which time I changed the name to KG Horse Training &
Breeding.  I have loved every minute of it and God has blessed my business and me
enormously.  For that I am truly grateful.   Thank you to all my family, friends, clients
and students, without each of you I couldn't have accomplished any of this.

Update: 12/21/2014:
I have graduated with my BUS and a Minor Equine Science.  I am a Certified Equine
Sports Massage Therapist and a Chaffhaye & ADM Distributor.  Starting this month,
we are offering Massage Therapy for horses.

I am honored to announce that we are entering our third year of being Accredited by
the BBB of Southeast Texas (2012, 2013, & 2014) with an (A-) rating!  We were voted
"Best of Orange Award-Equestrian Riding, Training and Breeding Facility" for our
third consecutive year (2012, 2013 & 2014).

Update: 12/31/2013:
WOW what an awesome year, I graduated with my AS degree in Ag Sells &
Services with an Equine Training Option.  And we have trained 17 horses this
year and got several on the books for after the first of the year in 2014.  We
have a lot planned for the next year, check with us regularly to follow our

**Also, we are now offering riding lessons again for ages 12 and up (there are
special circumstances that will allow for some younger than 12 to be able to
take lessons)  Please call for more information and free consultation.

Please see our "Products and Services" page for more info or contact us via
phone, email or Facebook.
Tour 2012-Lufkin, TX

Another awesome weekend!  
Looking forward to 2013
For me and my horse will ride for the Lord!
Riding for the brand!
Tour 2013-Austin, TX

Clinton is always worth see!  
Looking forward to 2014
Looking for a great Farrier
Service, look no further!

Cross Brand Farrier
Michelle Fields, Farrier
Orange, TX


Services all of SETX and
parts of SWLA

If your horse needs
correcting, shoeing,
trimming no problem.  If
your horse is difficult to
trim, no problem, sedation
is available.
BBB Accreditation Presentation 2012
Tour 2014-Lufkin, TX

Great weekend with my
husband, my dad and Clinton!  
Looking forward to 2015
Pinto Horse Association of America
Big Fans of all the natural
/ gentle trainers like:
Buck, Chris, John,
Clinton, Dennis, and Pat;
they are all awesome
**Some of the pictures and information on this website are from the KC
Horse Training website, all the information from that website was
posted by Candy prior to October 2010 when we parted company; that
website is now inactive and no longer accessible.  If there is any
incorrect information, please contact me and I will be happy to correct
or delete the incorrect information.
I am so proud of this business and honored to be blessed to be a part of it.  I
have worked very hard to maintain a high level of integrity!