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Daisy- Cont'd from 2014 (Riding Student)
I was looking for another horse and Keli told me about one for sale.  After going and looking at her, I bought her; “Daisy” is a 2 year old
unbroken registered Tennessee Walker mare from Stacey Crumpler.  I sent her to Keli for refresher her ground work, manners and
saddle breaking.  Keli had done all of the ground work on Daisy as a yearling a year earlier.  Daisy was an extremely spooky mare; she
is a very reactive horse and she was difficult to work with so she stayed for 60 days.  Keli was able to desensitize her to so much stuff;
get her saddle broke and riding great out in the arena, obstacle course and pasture without a lot of issues.  She’s young so she still
finds boogers periodically, but she is much better than when I bought her.  We are enjoying working with her and riding her.  I know she
will be a great addition to our horse family; we now have a horse for each member of our family for trail rides and working our cattle.

Thanks again Keli,

Lisa, Brady, Chris and Bryce Bukowsky, Orange, TX-Dec. 2014-Jan. 2015

Breeding my mares-Skylar, Blue Eyes and Jubilee
One more added note, I am planning to breed Skylar and her Dam “Blue Eyes”, and Jubilee to Keli’s stallion SkipsCherokeeTreasur
 **NOTE** Blue Eyes is pregnant and due to deliver in 2016.  Skylar being a maiden mare didn't take after 2 attempts, so we
will try again in the spring of 2016 with the assistances of hormone shots.  We also decided to wait until spring 2016 to bred Jubilee as

Lisa, Brady, Chris & Bryce Bukowsky
Summer, Scout & Comanche- Cont'd from 2014 (Riding Student)
My name is Jodie Baker, my husband John and I bought 3 horses; Summer a 4 year old brood mare and her yearling colt Scout along
with a second yearling colt Comanche.  We noticed Summer who was a green broke, was very spooky with tendencies to jump and
crow hop.  We not knowing how to fix the problem and get her to stop spooking went looking for a trainer.  We found Keli at KG Horse
Training & Breeding.  Once we dropped Summer off for 30 days, we soon realized she needed more time to finish her out.  We ended
up putting her through 60 days of training, she still spooks some when not worked for a week or so, but she quietens down quickly;
overall, she’s very quiet, relaxed and very lazy.  Keli worked with us and taught us how to work with and ride her.  
(Summer arrival
date: 12/30/2014)
We then took Scout and Comanche over for their 30 days each of training.  They were very sweet, but disrespectful boys.  Keli helped
us get them gelded and put them through the same ground work training as Summer had.  They were very bratty, but Keli got them
through it and again worked with and helped us to learn how keep them respectful.  
(Scout and Comanche arrival date: 3/15/2015)
I also took riding lessons from Keli for a short period to get comfortable riding and handling Summer under saddle.   After all their
training was completed, we continued to board our horses with Keli till we were able to get our fences and barn up and ready for them
to come home.  They have been at KG Horse Training & Breeding for 7 months; Keli has taken great care of them daily.  She made
sure they were feed, wormed, and hooves trimmer regularly.    She has taught us so much about horses and how to safely handle,
ride and correct them.  She made sure we had the proper tack and that it fit correctly.  
(We picked up our horses on 8/8/2015).
Keli is very knowledgeable about horses and how to help the owners connect with their horses.  We are very happy with our
experience and results from Keli and KG Horse Training & Breeding, we would highly recommend her to anyone.  We will be calling on
Keli next year to saddle break Scout and Comanche when they turn 2.  Thank you for all your help and patience with us and our 3


John and Jodie Baker,
Kountze, TX-Dec 2014-Aug 2015
Black came to me as a malnourished 10 year old gelding.  He had been out to pasture for 3 years with no formal care (worming,
feeding, farrier services, vet services, etc.).  He was purchased for a 10 year old girl to use as a beginner barrel prospect.  I spent
the first 4 just getting him healthy enough to being working him.  Once I had his weight to a satisfactory level to start work, power
wormed, teeth floated and de-beaned, I started him on his 30 days of training.  He was extremely lazy and not happy about having
to work again after 3 years off.  But I got him working well, back under saddle and riding.  I contacted the owner (Jaison AuClaire) to
see about setting up time for him and his daughter to come out to work with Black; to no avail.  I was never able to get them to come
work with him; Black was then turned out for the next 5 months to pasture.  They finally came to get him in Sept. 2015 and paid me
what was owed.

Mauriceville, TX- March 2015-Sept. 2015
Red Diamond & Sassy
I brought Red Diamond, my adopted 5 year old wild mustang mare, to Keli the day I adopted her in April 2015.  After about a month
we had a halter on her (with the help of Dr. Scheinter and Ken Swenson, a friend of Keli’s) and after 2 months we could pet her,
when we could catch her; lol.  We could lead her around without much difficulty and we can do her ground work.  After another
month or so of Keli working with her, we were able to walk right up to her and love on her. We decided to stop training for a while to
work on desensitizing Red to just us handling her body, she has been doing great.  Once we get her where we can handle her entire
body without issues, we will resume training/saddle breaking.  I bought Sassy in July for my sisters, and Red's new friend.  They tried
to bite and kick each other several times but Keli got them adjusted to each other within two or three days.  Now they're practically
inseparable.  I am very impressed with both horses progress - especially Red's.  Keli has done an amazing job with my girls and I will
continue to board them with her.  

Kelsey Banta
Nederland, TX- April 2015
My name is Bobbie Burch, I own Angel, a 5 year old paint mare.  I bought her when she was a weanling and needed to get her
broke to ride.  Angel was always a very sweet, lovable horse; but she could be very pushy and disrespectful.  I contacted Keli at KG
Horse Training & Breeding to see what my options were and what the process was to get her broke to ride.  Given the fact that she
was 5 years old, we decided to go a full 60 days of training.  There were a few setbacks due to weather, but at the end of 30 days,
Angel was doing all her ground work with a saddle.  By the end of the 60 days, Angel was finished and riding out in the open arena
and obstacle course.  Keli took the time to work with me to teach me how to work with Angel to keep her respectful, willing partner.  I
couldn’t be happier with the progress that Angel made under Keli’s training; I know that if I have any problems, I can call on her to

Bobbie Burch,
Orange, TX June-August 2015
Cisco (Riding Student Horse) & Sable
Cisco-I most than highly recommend KG Horse Training and Keli Graham-Zimmerman! After a terrible experience with another local
trainer who could have got my child seriously injured. I found Keli and messaged her and she called me immediately and spent a
great deal of time with me answering all my questions and concerns before I even booked a lessons! Before I even had my 1st
lesson she had found a horse that matched exactly what I had been wanting and needing! My training was done with a hand
selected, perfect match horse that I purchased and trained on! She has taught me that a person must be able to handle a horse on
the ground before ever climbing into the saddle! She has helped me regain my confidence, get back in the saddle and enjoy
something that I thought was lost to me forever!!! I cannot express how pleased and grateful I am to Keli! She even found my
granddaughter a new mini after hers passed away! Keli looks out for your needs, wants and teaches you the proper way to handle
your horse from catching it in the pasture, saddling it, exercising it, riding it in all sorts of situations, dealing with its stubbornness as
well as its fear of things! I currently have my husband’s horse in training with her too! I just cannot say enough about her vast
knowledge and professionalism!!!  Thank you Keli for all you do!

Sable-Is a 5 year old green broke paint mare.  She was broke as a 2 year old and then turned out for 3 years will no saddle time. So I
basically started her all over.
Cisco, Fender, & Chance (Riding Students Lexie & Faith)
Cisco is a 9 year old paint gelding.  Fender is a red dun gelding.  Chance is a 13 year old paint gelding and ex-barrel horse.
Is a 13 year old registered appy gelding.  He was set to me for a refresher course and to sale on consignment.  They decided to keep
him and make a roping horse.
Coper & Stormy (Riding Student)
Is a 12 year old sorrel 1/2 Welch & 1/2 QH gelding used for English jumping in Pennsylvania by Reagan.  Her parents moved here
on a job transfer and they transported Coper here too in July.
 Reagan has been riding English for 5 years and is excited about
learning to ride Western and doing barrel racing.  Copper just wasn't going to work as a dual trained horse, he has done English
so long, that trying to get him to flex and bend is not working...so we started shopping for her a barrel horse.  I found Stormy, (paint
mare) she was owned by Danielle Skaggs of Orange, TX and was already trained for barrels.  Reagan and Stormy were a great
match, they work so well together.  Reagan and Stormy have within the first year of ownership and barrel racing won money.   
Reagan also continues to take English lessons in Beaumont on Copper.  
Buddy & Winchester (Riding Student)
2015 Riding Students:
Ranger (Moe)
A 4 year old Arabian gelding, he was a rescue.
Dennis Tucker
Reagan Bevil
Lisa Bukowsky
Jodie Baker
Jaden AuClaire
Julia Bourgeois
Debbie Smith
Joby Delome
Reagan Rogers
Lexie Coleman
Faith Dean
Brianna Pitts
Sylvia Brouwers
Shauna Hilton
Vivian Vaughn
Red Diamond
Susan Russell