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My name is Sarah and my mom, Linda, sent my mare “Fine” to Keli @ KG Horse Training & Breeding for 30 days of training.  She is a
TW and she was green broke, hard to catch and would not stand for mounting or dismounting.  She needed to be finished out, and
something done about her mounting and catching issues.  After 2 weeks, Keli had her ground work done, she was easy to catch, and
she was standing quiet for mounting and dismounting.  Keli worked with both me and Fine for another 2 weeks she taught me how to
work with and correct Fine.  I have Fine back home and working with her and riding regularly and she is doing great.  Thanks to Keli for
all her hard work and time to help me and Fine become a team.

Linda and Sarah Burnett
Little Cypress, TX- February 2014
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I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you working with Buck, after the 2 weeks with you, he is so well behaved.  I can ride
Buck with confidence and satisfaction knowing you are only a phone call away.  

As many may know, my mare Sally was injured and had to be retired. So I bought Buck as a stud and had him gelded.  He is a
beautiful bay and super sweet; but so lazy!  And I was unsure of him, because he was mainly used for stud services and ridden
around the pasture.  So I sent him to Keli @ KG Horse Training & Breeding for 2 weeks to refresh him on ground work, manners and
make sure he is good under saddle for me.  I am very happy with the work that Keli did with Buck, she worked with me and my
daughter Katherine as well to make sure we knew how to work and correct him.  He rides like a dream!

I have 3 other horses that Keli has worked with and she has done an excellent job.  I would recommend KG Horse Training &
Breeding to anyone!

Thank you again,

Gwen & Katharine Tallant,
Bridge City, TX-March 2014

Cheyenne & Cisco
Just a little feedback from us on KG Horse Training, Keli has made a great transformation in our little lady Cheyenne.  In 30 days she
has changed so much from the way she walks, the way she acts, the way she looks at us, her demeanor around us is so different
and respectful, her ground work is so different and respectful, and her command response is so different and respectful. Keli did not
only teach our little lady Cheyenne things, she taught us a lot of important things that every horse rider needs to know to be a safe
and respectful rider. Thanks Keli for all your hard work, dedication, time and patience that you put into your work.

I purchased Cisco a few months back,prior to Cheyenne my husbands horse training with Keli, I visited daily while she did
groundwork with her and tried to work Cisco by lunging at just a walk on my own, which was a sight to see. It was then I realized he
didn't trust me or I him, he wouldn't load in the straight load so I decided to let Keli spend two weeks with us . Not only is he loading
now . It helped us both to trust one another. Keli taught us a lot. I still work daily with him so we can continue to bond  and have a
growing relationship so we both know we will take care of one another at a slow pace on our new life on the trails!

Customer for Life!
Greg, Marlene, Cheyenne, Cisco
Orangefield,TX-April 2014 & May 2014
Guthrie "Cash"
Hi Keli!
Just wanted to give you a quick update on Guthrie; I bought Guthrie without knowing a whole lot about him and his quirks.  The
day I picked him up from the previous owner I took him straight to you.  Even though we live in Conroe which is about an hour
and forty-five minutes away, I felt comfortable bringing my new guy to you.  It is very apparent from your website and in talking
with you that you truly love what you do and care about the horses that come to you. The fact that you called me when I was
inquiring about your training, instead of doing everything over email made a huge impression and made the decision to bring him
to you that much easier.  When I picked him up to bring him to you he was very standoffish and nervous around everyone.  One
of his big issues was that he spooked at everything within a couple days of being with you, he had already settled in and was
calmer.  By the time he had been with you for two weeks he was a different horse.  He was calm and collected, handling his
spookiness quietly and accepting of new things and people.  He was easier to catch (he loves him some Chaffhaye by the way)
and a calmer horse all around.  For the next two weeks his desensitizing and sensitizing was refined and he was turned from a
stiff ranch horse that all he knew was pasture then work to a working partner.  Because of the time and effort you put into him, I
know what to expect out of him, how to work through things with him and trust him to act rationally when dealing with scary
boogey monsters that may jump out him!  We continue work on desensitizing and sensitizing exercises and anyone can jump on
him and ride.  We were riding him bareback the other day without any issues!  Thank you for all you did with him.  Now that we
have him home he is a big sweetheart who is calm and easy to handle.  I can't wait to see what he and I can get into together.  
Thanks again and I will definitely send people your way!

Kacie Monk & Guthrie
Conroe, TX-April 2014
Graduation Day-4/27/2014
Goldie was here as a weanling in 2012 and now she's back to be saddle broke.  Keli Graham-Zimmerman, owner/trainer of KG
Horse Training & Breeding has once again done an awesome job... this time with saddle training 3 of my young Tennessee
(Goldie, Little Man & Star).  I have no doubts that anyone would be fortunate for her to work with your horse from the
groundwork up.  She is an honest person whose passion runs deeply for these beautiful animals.  Keli keeps me informed of the
progress & involves me every step through the training process. She has helped me in so many ways, not just with my horses,
but also recommending what tack would be best suited for my walkers.  Keli has become not just my horse trainer, but I am
proud to also call her my friend!  

Thank you Keli for everything!
Stacey & Mike Crumpler,
Bridge City, TX-July-Nov. 2014

Little Man


Unfortunately, Blaze didn't make the cut!  He was here for 30 days and found with all the training; we did everything possible to
get him through the ground training so he could go home and spend the next 6 months perfecting it before starting his saddle
training in 2015.  But he had other things in mind and work was not in his vocabulary, not all horses are trainable.  So, Blaze is
being put up for sale and if not sold by January 2015, he will be taken to the auction barn and sold. :(
Little Man
Jubilee (Riding Student)
I brought my mare Jubilee “Jubee” to Keli at KG Horse Training & Breeding, to get help slowing her down.  Jubee is a 10 year
old ex-barrel horse, she wouldn’t stand still to mount or dismount, she would run from me and didn’t want to be caught, she
was always in high gear, didn’t know how to stand still and quiet with a rider on her or while tied up.  She had a habit of
wanting to bolt with the slightest touch of your heel or the smallest amount of slack in the reins.  In her mind, she was running
barrels every time a rider mounted her.  She spend 30 days with Keli and she got Jubee switched from a processed feed to
Chaffhaye and ADM minerals, within two weeks I saw an amazing difference in her.  She was calmer, less spooky, quieter, she
would meet us at the gate (no more chasing her down), an overall more willing partner.  Keli had no problem with me coming
out to watch her work Jubee; she had my in the round pen working Jubee by the end of week #2.  By the end of the 30 days,
Jubee and I were riding quietly and relaxed around the arena, pasture and obstacle course.  She would stand still while
mounting, dismounting, tied up and with a rider sitting on her.  I don’t have to ride with a tight rein to hold her back anymore,
nor have to worry about her bolting and being so jumpy.  Keli was able to make Jubee understand that she could enjoy life
and her rides without panic, nervousness, or spookiness; also I have continued to keep Jubee on Chaffhaye and ADM
minerals, she is a new horse.

Thanks for helping Jubee and I so much.

Lisa, Brady Chris and Bryce Bukowsky, Orange, TX-Sept. 2014

After seeing the great chances in Jubee, I sent Skylar my 5 year old paint mare to Keli to put some saddle time on and help
us figure out why she was rearing up and acting up.  After also changing her over to Chaffhaye and ADM minerals, as well as,
working her everyday; she was calmer and less spooky.  She was easier to ride and no more rearing up and acting out.  Keli
also helped find a bit that works well on her and taught me to properly cue her from the ground and saddle.  Before going to
Keli’s Skylar didn’t want to ride out on her own, now I can ride her around our property by herself without any problems.  I also
plan to bred Skylar and her dam “Blue Eyes” to Keli’s stallion “Cherokee” in the spring. I am very pleased with the service and
guidance I received from Keli.  She is very knowledgeable and truly cares about her clients and their horses.   She goes
above and beyond to make sure your client’s and their horses are working well together, safely and effectively.  I would and
have highly recommended Keli and KG Horse Training & Breeding.

Thanks Keli,

Lisa, Brady, Chris and Bryce Bukowsky, Orange, TX-Nov. 2014

I was looking for another horse and Keli told me about one for sale.  After going and looking at her, I bought her; “Daisy” is a
2 year old unbroken registered Tennessee Walker mare from Stacey Crumpler.  I sent her to Keli for refresher her ground
work, manners and saddle breaking.  Keli had done all of the ground work on Daisy as a yearling a year earlier.  Daisy was
an extremely spooky mare; she is a very reactive horse and she was difficult to work with so she stayed for 60 days.  Keli was
able to desensitize her to so much stuff; get her saddle broke and riding great out in the arena, obstacle course and pasture
without a lot of issues.  She’s young so she still finds boogers periodically, but she is much better than when I bought her.  
We are enjoying working with her and riding her.  I know she will be a great addition to our horse family; we now have a horse
for each member of our family for trail rides and working our cattle.

Thanks again Keli,

Lisa, Brady, Chris and Bryce Bukowsky, Orange, TX-Dec. 2014-Jan. 2015

Breeding my mares-Skylar, Blue Eyes and Jubilee
One more added note, I am planning to breed Skylar and her Dam “Blue Eyes”, and Jubilee to Keli’s stallion
SkipsCherokeeTreasur “Cherokee”.  

Lisa, Brady, Chris & Bryce Bukowsky
"Jubilee is now a quiet, respectful, calm, relaxed and
willing partner.  A horse that would run from people to
avoid work, now is the first one to you when you walk in
the pasture.  She gets jealous if I don't work and ride her
first.  She is a dream to work and ride, no more tight reins,
bolting or fighting to get back to the barn.  I love my
JuJu!!"  Lisa
Summer, Scout & Comanche (Riding Student)
My name is Jodie Baker, my husband John and I bought 3 horses; Summer a 4 year old brood mare and her yearling colt
Scout along with a second yearling colt Comanche.  We noticed Summer who was a green broke, was very spooky with
tendencies to jump and crow hop.  We not knowing how to fix the problem and get her to stop spooking went looking for a
trainer.  We found Keli at KG Horse Training & Breeding.  Once we dropped Summer off for 30 days, we soon realized she
needed more time to finish her out.  We ended up putting her through 60 days of training, she still spooks some when not
worked for a week or so, but she quietens down quickly; overall, she’s very quiet, relaxed and very lazy.  Keli worked with us
and taught us how to work with and ride her.  
(Summer arrival date: 12/30/2014)
We then took Scout and Comanche over for their 30 days each of training.  They were very sweet, but disrespectful boys.  
Keli helped us get them gelded and put them through the same ground work training as Summer had.  They were very
bratty, but Keli got them through it and again worked with and helped us to learn how keep them respectful.  
(Scout and
Comanche arrival date: 3/15/2015)
I also took riding lessons from Keli for a short period to get comfortable riding and handling Summer under saddle.   After all
their training was completed, we continued to board our horses with Keli till we were able to get our fences and barn up and
ready for them to come home.  They have been at KG Horse Training & Breeding for 7 months; Keli has taken great care of
them daily.  She made sure they were feed, wormed, and hooves trimmer regularly.    She has taught us so much about
horses and how to safely handle, ride and correct them.  She made sure we had the proper tack and that it fit correctly.  
(We picked up our horses on 8/8/2015).
Keli is very knowledgeable about horses and how to help the owners connect with their horses.  We are very happy with our
experience and results from Keli and KG Horse Training & Breeding, we would highly recommend her to anyone.  We will be
calling on Keli next year to saddle break Scout and Comanche when they turn 2.  Thank you for all your help and patience
with us and our 3 horses.


John and Jodie Baker,
Kountze, TX-Dec 2014-Aug 2015
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