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Testimonials 2013
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I acquired an 8 year old gelding named Canyon, a handsome gray.  I found out he had serious aggressive behaviors. He
would in a snap want to hurt you (kick, threatened to bite, would run over you, push on you with his shoulders) if you tried
to make him do something that he didn't want to do (work, get out of your way, ride, etc).  If he would have continued like
this he would have seriously hurt or killed someone.
Keli Graham completely stopped this.  She made him into a willing and fun partner to be with and ride in only two weeks.  
It brought tears to my eyes to see the change!  I highly recommend KG Horse Training.  Glad I made the right decision
and choice * Keli Graham* She is very equine knowledgeable and helped me in so many ways from bits to hoofs and
anything in-between.  Thank You Keli Graham

Bo Reed (Beverly's husband), “I am truly impressed by the change in Canyon; and I am hard to impress, but you have
impressed me, you definitely know your stuff and what you are doing”. “He is not the same horse!”

Beverly Reed & Canyon
Deweyville, TX- January 2013
Canyon is heading home!
Junior didn't make it through the training here.  He was extremely aggressive and was charging people through the
fences.  After a week of working with him and he was not getting better, but more dangerous.  I advised my client to
look at selling him for rodeo stock, slaughter or send him to someone that breaks horses; “Old School Style”.   She
choice to try Old School training before the sale barn; and at least I spoke to her, the new trainer was able to make
some progress and was able to get him riding.   That was two weeks after he left my place.   I have spoken to Lisa
since, so I don't know if his training was completed or if she ended up selling him.  I wish Lisa and Junior all the best!

Lisa Whitehead & Junior
Fannett, TX-February 2013
Gizmo was a stud pony when I bought him at 1 year old.  I bought him for my grand-daughter, but soon we realized
that he was too much to handle.  He is now 2 years old and his behavior has increasingly gotten worse.  He would
drag you around, he had no respect for us or the halter and lead rope, and he was also bad about biting and rearing
up.  He is half Shetland pony and half Miniature pony, so he only stands about 10 hh.  We sent him to Keli to get him
cut (gelded), put some ground work on him and get him under control and help us sell him.  He was not ever going to
be big enough for my grand-daughter to ride.  At age 11 she was too big to ride him, so we are selling him for a
lead-line pony for toddler size children.  Keli ended up after 2 weeks of training, buying him for her grand-children.  I
am glad the Gizmo has a good home and manners.

Tina McCray & Gizmo
Sabine Pass, TX-February 2013
bad attitude and lazy personality (see 2012 testimonials under Tiffany Harding).  The previous owner was
looking to get her trained for barrel racing for her young daughter.  After a couple of weeks of training, Keli realized
that Freckles would be great for a beginning rider to learn and compete on, but not for intermediate or experienced
riders.  Freckles lack the willingness to work, so they decided to sale her.  Our daughter Sierra had been taking
riding lessons from Keli for about a month, when Keli approached us to tell us about Freckles being for sale.  Sierra
worked and rode Freckles, they seemed to work well together and after a long discussion with Keli and our family,
Freckles is a 12 year old mare that was sent to Keli at KG Horse Training & Breeding for training because of her we
decided to buy Freckles for Sierra.  Sierra began working and riding Freckles everyday during her lessons and
after just a month Sierra was riding outside the round pen.  Sierra started her riding lessons in August 2012, we
bought Freckles the end of August 2012; it is now May of 2013 and Sierra and Freckles are doing great together.  
Keli took them to Martha Josey barrel racing clinic in Marshall, TX the first part of April 2013.  They did great!  
Sierra will be starting barrel racing competition this summer on Freckles; Freckles is currently in the stud pasture
with Keli’s stud Cherokee to be bred.  We are very grateful to Keli for all her help teaching us how to handle, work
and care for Freckles, she also helped us find a horse trailer.  And the change in Sierra’s confidence has been
tremendous.  Sierra is planning to apprentice with Keli this summer at KG Horse Training & Breeding.  We have a
great relationship with Keli and have formed a lifelong friendship with her.  Keli is dedicated to her client’s, their
horses, and all their needs.  She goes above and beyond to make sure you and your horse are happy and working
together safely.  I am so glad that we found Keli and KG Horse Training & Breeding!

Ron, Becky, & Sierra Hutchison & Freckles
Orange, TX-May 2013
Twist is a 2 year old gelding that I hand raised, I own his mother as well.  He has a few bad habits, the worst is biting,
but he is also very pushy and thinks he rules the roost.  I sent him to Keli to train and saddle break.  He spent 30
days with her and learned all his ground work, had an attitude adjustment, the biting and pushiness was gone by the
second week and he was working with a saddle and bridle.  By the end of the second week, Keli had me working him
and she started riding him on the third week (I was the rider) while Keli had the lead-line.  By the end of the third
week, I was riding him without a lead-line and he was doing great.  He was no longer the pushy high spirited horse
that I sent to Keli; he was now a respectful, quiet gentleman.  By the time he left Keli and KG Horse Training &
Breeding, Twist was a whole new horse.  I am now apprenticing with Keli.

Eryn Winegeart & Twist
Buna, TX-March 2013
Thor is a 3 year Appaloosa gelding; he is 16.1 hh and weighs 1000 lbs.  He is a big boy and is scared of his own
shadow.  He had no formal training of any kind and was never handle much by his previous owners.  I buy him in Fort
Worth and brought him straight to Keli to train and saddle break him for a trail horse for me.  He was suppose to be
there for 30 days and ended up staying for 60 days, he was just learning at a slower pace than most horses; which
was due to not being handle for the first 3 years of his life.  During his time with Keli, she got his feet trimmed and
looking great, they where long and splitting bad when I picked him up from the previous owner.  She also found he
had a problem with his mouth and had the vet come check it out, turned out that he needed his teeth floated and his
wolf teeth pulled.  So with all that, she was still able to train and saddle break him and she kept me informed of
everything that was going on with him.  I work out of town, so my son, Brent was going over every weekend to see
Thor’s progress and learn the exercises; so we could continue with them when he came home.  By the time I picked
him up from Keli, he was like a big puppy dog; loves attention and is doing great!  I can’t thank Keli enough for the
great job she did with Thor.

Matthew Simmons & Thor
Newton, TX-March 2013
Sassy is a 4 year old Welch pony (mare) that we buy for our grandkids. We also bought her half brother, Cayenne,
who is a 3 years old gelding. Neither was broke nor had any formal training; so we sent Sassy to Keli @ KG Horse
Training & Breeding to train and saddle break for our grandkids. She spent 30 days with Keli and when we went to is
easier to handle and the grandkids can ride her safely. When we picked Sassy up from KG Horse Training &
Breeding, we dropped off Cayenne for his 30 days of training. He will be home in mid-May.

Paul & Trudy Young & Sassy
Johnson Bayou, LA-March 2013
training she received, Keli knows horses and gave Kit a firm foundation, and guided us on how to work with her at
home. She has a nice clean facility, and the horses are well taken care of. When we asked questions, Keli always
gave us a straight answer without treating us like we were stupid, and was always available when we needed her for
anything. I know, even though we brought Kit home, that if we have a question, she'll be there to help. I HIGHLY
recommend her for training any horse. We will be coming back for riding lessons with Keli as well.

Thanks rock!

Tammy Day Cox, Heaven and Kit
Orange, TX-June 2013
who is a 4 years old mare. Neither was broke nor had any formal training; so we sent Sassy and then Cayenne to
Keli @ KG Horse Training & Breeding to train and saddle break for our grandkids. He spent 30 days with Keli and
when we went to see him, we could see the difference. Cayenne will always be a jumpy/spooky little pony, though he
is definitely quieter than his sister,but it is just his nature; but now he is easier to handle and the grandkids can ride
Paul & Trudy Young & Sassy
Johnson Bayou, LA-May 2013
Ginger & Daisy
They weren't so inclined to cooperate at first. Both of them very stubborn, but Keli & Chris were able to make
considerable progress with them. Once they came home, we continued to, & are still working them as often as we
can. They still load with no problems, stand for the farrier. Although still a ways to go before ready for saddles they
have continued to make progress. We will soon b sending our 5 month old Palomino stud to her for his groundwork,
& will also be sending Little Man to begin his saddle training. Keli has the patience AND the same stubborn streak
that a lot of her client horses have when they come to her- however, she does win, because she does not give up.
You can count on her to be truthful with you if she thinks that your horse is not for you! Thanks again Keli for a job
well done. We will continue to send our Walkers to her for any training needs.

Stacey & Mike Crumpler
Pon-D-Rosa Ranch- Bridge City, TX-June 2013
I bought Badger as an untouched 2 year old gelding.  He had very minimal handling; he would lead some, and had
been gelded, but that was about it.  I had to rope him to caught him and spent several months working on
desensitizing him and get him haltered.  If you touched him, he would jump away; so after working with him as often
as possible and was still unable to get a saddle on him; I decided to call Keli with KG Horse Training & Breeding to
see if she would be able to work with him.  She had an opening and agreed to work with him and do lots more
desensitizing and work him up to taking a saddle.  He was with her for 30 days and in that time, Keli wasn't able to
get a saddle on him, but did get him way more desensitized and much quieter.  He would have needed to stay
another 15-30 days before Keli would have been able to saddle him, he was just not having anything to do with the
saddle.  I was very happy with how quiet Badger was and was not jumping away from every thing; I was also able to
pick up all 4 feet, definitely couldn't do that before Keli worked him.  I got him home and spent about 4 hours working
him and finally got the saddle on him, he was fine still I moved him out...then he came undone and broke in half.  Boy
can he buck!  This when on for about 30- an hour and he was done...I did everything but straddle the saddle.  I am
very happy and pleased with the work Keli did with Badger and I knew God had sent me to the right place when I
spoke to her.  I would recommend Keli and KG Horse Training & Breeding to anyone.  This little lady knows her stuff
and is great with horses and clients!

T.J. Pruitt & Badger,
Kirbyville, TX-June 2013
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video of Sierra and
Freckles working
Click here to watch video
of Sassy's first solo ride
Click here to watch video of Thor's first solo ride
My husband and I found KG Horse Training and Breeding on the Internet.  I have had Misty my 10 year old "pasture
pet" since her birth and decided to have her trained for pleasure riding.  She had never even ridden in a horse
trailer!  She was stubborn and spooky and not used to any type of work whatsoever.  Keli put her through 60 days of
training and she is now a calm and enjoyable horse to ride. My husband and I are so pleased with her progress and
Keli's abilities as a trainer.  She is an absolute professional and a great person!  Thanks Keli for all that you have


Chad and Michele Denman,
Mauriceville, TX-June 2013
Hey Kelli.......just wanted you to know that Kit is doing great....she hasn't even offered to buck. I did some
research on fitting the saddle, and I stretch her front legs after cinching her up and we don't over tighten the
girth, I think it was a saddle issue all along......She has pep in her step too, we just cluck, give her a little kick
and she gives us exactly the energy we want. Just thought I'd update you....we're working with her about 5 days
a week.....yay us! LOL!

Tammy and Heaven
July 30, 2013
Rain from Randy Wright of
Orange, TX and send her to
me for a 2 week refresher
course.  I trained Madam
Rain last year for Randy
.  I
will add her, Madam Rain
info soon.
I bought Joy on a trail basis to see if she would workout for my friends, family and especially my kids to have a
safe horse to go on trail rides with me.  She was broke to ride, but had been used for a brood mare for many
years.  I sent her to Keli at KG Horse Training & Breeding for a tune-up and make sure she was going to work for
my needs.  After 2 weeks, it was clear to Keli that Joy was not going to work for me.  After being used as a brood
mare for so many years and not ridden regularly, she was not interested in going back to work.  She was happy
just being a brood mare, so I contacted the previous owners and they refunded my money and took Joy back.  I
appreciate the time, work Keli put into Joy for me and especially the knowledge that she offers.  She is tell you like
it is.  Thanks for your help, Keli.


Krystal Williams,
Mauriceville, TX-Sept. 2013
Madam Rain
We purchased Madam Rain with the trailer we bought and wasn't sure if we were going to keep her; but we fell in
love with her.  We brought her to KG Horse Training & Breeding for 2 weeks, (15 days) of refreshing training and
then boarded her for an additional 4 months till we could get our pasture ready for her.  Keli took excellent care of
her and was always available when we wanted to come work and ride Madam.  We already had 2 horses, but
Madam being an alpha mare, I didn't want to chance her injuring my older mare.  So we had to fence off a pasture
just for Madam.  Keli did a great job getting Madam back under saddle and teaching me the proper cues to work
and ride her.  She has turned out to be an awesome riding horse with lots of spirit.  Thanks Keli for all the work
and care;  we are also planning to bred Madam with Keli's Blue Appy stud "Bandit" in the spring 2014.


Chad and Michele Denman,
Mauriceville, TX-November 2013
Night Prophet
We bought Night Prophet as a trial set up horse for our daughter Sierra.  We felt like Freckles was just not
going to get her to the next level of barrel racing.  We brought Prophet to Keli at KG Horse Training &
Breeding to let Keli work with Sierra and Prophet and make sure they would work good together. Prophet was
an ex-race horse and had a whole lot of go, which is totally oppose of Freckles.  Keli worked with Sierra and
Prophet for a few weeks and determined that Sierra was not ready for that must horse.  She also helped us
sell Prophet to the people we bought Freckles from.  Keli is always put front and honest. She will tell you what
you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear.  I appreciate her knowledge and honesty, she knows
her job and does it extremely well with the horses and her clients in mind.

Ron, Becky, & Sierra Hutchison,
Orange, TX-November 2013
I brought Cash to KG Horse Training & Breeding because he had a lot of go and needed to slow down and
think.  He is a well broke, barrel horse that would just blow through the alley way and shoulder into the
barrels, never slowing down and he had no back up (reverse).  When he was asked to trot or lope the pattern
he got mad and would begin to rear up; I didn't have the time to do all the slow work so, off to Keli he went for
15 days of refresher work.  I was very happy at the end of the first week Keli had him walking, trotting and
loping the pattern, doing lots of slow yielding work (yielding shoulders, ribs, hips), and backing up with his
head tucked and not upside down.  At the end of the second week, Cash was much quieter and calmer
working at all gaits without fighting.  Keli had tried several bits on him and found that he works really well with
and that made a world of difference.  Thanks great job!

Niki Hinson & Cash
Leesville, LA-December 2013
WOW, it's been another awesome
year here at KG Horse Training &
Breeding.  We added 11.50 acres to
our facility and will be working hard
to get the new client paddocks
ready for spring 2014, our new
riding arena, obstacle course and
long term boarding pastures should
be ready by fall 2014.

We are looking forward to working
with previous and new clients and
students in the coming year.

May all who pass by here by
blessed in all you do!