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Testimonials 2012
KG Horse Training & Breeding
Dakota (Sorrel) & Maverick (Paint)  
Dakota is a seven year old sorrel gelding. Maverick (aka-Finally-Lee) is an eight year old black & white paint gelding. The
family wanted the horses to be sold as a package; they have been together since colts. Dakota was purchased in the
state of South Dakota, and Maverick (AKA Finally) was born at home. Both received some training classes then released
to the pasture. My husband and I loaded the boy’s and brought them straight to KG Horse Training & Breeding in
Orangefield, Texas. When training began the issues started showing Maverick had been abused by a trainer and didn’t
like any one to mess with his ears and very spooky. Dakota he was defiant, spooky, and lazy. Apparently, they have been
on vacation to long (3 yrs). As training days begin with Keli, the boys are learning respect, paying attention, yielding,
sending out, and desensitizing. I was the looker outside the round pen sometimes thinking what is she doing, what does
she want, what is she expecting? Keli explains the task at hand, horse and owner begin to realize what the task is, horse
accomplishes the task, and both trainer and owner are praising the good behavior. I begin to learn and grow with Dakota
and Maverick and it feels great! Then, it’s the owner’s time to be involved with saddling, halter change, bridle fitting, and
ground work. Keli and Robyn have had awesome days and days they would like to forget, but everyone has had a great
time! Dakota, Maverick, Jill, and Bryant will continue to learn and grow with patience and love. Thanks to you KG Horse
Training & Breeding for great training and guidance. Looking forward to working with you again!

Thank you,
Dakota - Maverick - Jill - Bryant Vaughn
San Augustine, Texas-January 2012
Ricochet is now home after completing "saddle training" for 3 1/2 months with KG Horse Training in Orangefield, Texas.
Keli has been working Ricochet since he was 4 1/2 months old and we could not even place a halter on him. He will be
2yrs old 4/15/12. Needless to say, we are very pleased with Ricochet’s training. He does everything we ask of him. Also,
trailer loading is no longer a horrible issue. He loads like there is nothing to it. We haul him around all over town through
the bank drive through and Dairy Queen. He loves it and he loves people paying attention to him. Many thanks to Keli
and Robyn for a job well done. We are looking forward to many years of riding this sweet and amazing horse and
always know where to send him for a tune up if need be. KG of course!

Madeline Simmons
Larry and Stacy Simmons
Beaumont, Texas-March 2012

Ricochet went home on 3/25/2012 after 3 1/2 months with us!

Click here to watch video #1 of Ricochet

Click here to watch video #2 of Ricochet
Claire (Bay) & Storm (Palomino)
Claire is a 2 year old bay quarter horse that I have owned for close to a year. She is a sweet and gentle horse but
would not load. After two weeks at KG Horse Training Claire now loads like a pro. In the two short weeks that Claire
was at the training center both Keli and Robyn were able to not only have her loading but started her ground work.
Claire has a very promising future ahead of her and I am grateful to have such a wonderful training center and horse
professionals in my life.  
Click here to watch video of Claire

Storm is a 16 year old palomino that I have owned for 3.5 years. She is a wonderful horse in every way but I have
always been unpredictable with trailer loading. She may load up the first attempt one weekend and then not at all the
next. Being an older horse Storm is indeed set in her ways. I brought her to KG Horse Training in hopes that they
would be able to help Storm become more dependable. After 30 days with Keli and Robyn, Storm is indeed loading
and handling much better. It will be a joy to take her to other locations knowing I will not have to fight her for the first 3
hrs. before a trip.

Thank you Keli and Robyn for all your hard and help work!
Brittany Woodard
Fannett, TX-April 201
Goldie (dark) & Star (light)
Well, once again Keli has come through for us! We just got our two 9 month old Tennessee Walker fillies back from
a month of training. These gals would not even lead when they started their training; much less even go near the
trailer to load. It was a three ring circus to get them loaded for the trip. Though training was hampered by so much
rain, Keli was able to get them through the first part of their groundwork with only a small amount of difficulty from
Star. The day we picked them up I thought for sure there would be a battle getting them loaded, but to our surprise,
both Goldie & Star loaded right into the trailer without any hesitation. The girls are continuing to improve every day
now that they are settled in at home again. We will be sending our "Little Man" to Keli soon for his first go round at
groundwork, & expect great results.

Thanks Keli to you & KG Horse Training for doing such a great job!

Stacey & Mike Crumpler
Bridge City, TX-March 2012
Madam Rain
My name is Randy, and my horse is Madam Rain.  She was very disrespectful and pushy.  She had no respect for
our personal space and would rear up when trying to back her up.  She was very sweet and loved attention, but just
didn’t have any boundaries.  My granddaughter had been riding her until Madam cut her leg really bad on the
fence.  She was down for 9 months and when the vet released her we tried to saddle her and she would step out
from under the saddle.  She would let us saddle her at all.  I had already sent her to two other trainers throughout
her life and was not happy with their services.  They didn’t seem to want us there during training sessions or want to
show us how to work with Madam.  I had spoken with Keli at KG Horse Training & Breeding about working with
Madam and us to get her back under saddle.  Keli was very honest and helpful.  We decided to send Madam for a
30 day training session with Keli; she wanted us there as often as possible to watch and learn how and what she was
doing.  She and her apprentice trainer, Robyn was very helpful and patient when it came to teaching us how to work
with and correct her.  Keli and Robyn spent hours working with me and my granddaughter on the exercises and
riding cues for Madam.  I am very pleased with the progress they made with her and with the change in her attitude
and behavior.  

Thank you,
Randy & Madam Rain
Mauriceville, TX-March 2012
"Life is like a camera. Focus only on what is important and you will capture it
perfectly." Jill Vaughn
Jill & Bryant's horses arrived the week of Christmas 2011 and headed home Jan 2012.
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Almost six years ago, a friend asked to keep a very young Atlas on my property in order to give her granddaughters
the opportunity to raise a foal. Since that idea wasn't working out so well for her, she decided to sell him. We have
two other horses but in the short time Atlas was with us, my daughter and I had fallen in love with him and his little
pink nose. Kristin had raised and trained her horse who was born on our property and only five years old at the
time, but my little appaloosa was beginning to get too old to ride. So I decided to buy Atlas from my friend. Shortly
Dad. I did manage to have Atlas gelded when he was three and a half, but otherwise, he received very little
attention. Keli said he had too much time to "be a horse" so, by the time he was five, he had become very
considering finding another home for Atlas and looking for a "dead broke" trail horse for myself. I told her my
situation and voiced my concerns, but because I knew Atlas and his history, she encouraged me to put my money
and effort into him. At least with Atlas, she said, I wouldn't be surprised by any hidden problems. We decided to have
Keli train him for two weeks to see if she thought he could become the safe horse I needed him to be, but at the end
of those two weeks, she was concerned that he was still very spooky and not coming around quite as fast as she'd
hoped. In spite of his slow start and Keli's very frank assessment, I decided to move forward with his training.
Happily, he seemed to turn a corner soon after our conversation and by the end of the second two weeks, he was
under saddle AND rider! Two more weeks for "brakes and steering", and now he's a very calm and respectful boy!
Although it was difficult for me to take time away from my job to work with Atlas, Keli practically insisted that I do so.
I'm so glad she did because spending that time, with Robyn's guidance, gave me the confidence I needed to work
with him at home. Of course, I know we'll need a lot of saddle time together but I'm not afraid to ride him, and I have
appreciated Keli's continued interest in us. She checks on our progress with encouragement and advice. I'm so glad
I decided to invest in Atlas and am looking forward to a rewarding relationship with him! I wholeheartedly recommend
'KG Horse Training' to anyone who wants to turn their "problem" horse into the kind of horse they always hoped to

Rhonda and Atlas
Buna, Texas-March 2012
A 9 or 10 year old quarter horse that, before meeting Keli and Robin, was afraid of his own shadow.  Even though
he has a great disposition, he apparently was born on a ranch and was broke using typical ranch techniques.  They
get on them green, ride them all day and don't care if they like it or not.  He only knew stop or go Fast!  No time is
taken to teach them any ground work.  But since Keli and Robin took the time needed to work him every day, he is
like a new horse.  He has calmed down tremendously.  Although he is still a work in progress Keli and Robin have
agreed to work with me now and improve my horsemanship to balance Blue and I.  I recommend KG Horse Training
and Breeding to anyone who has any horse issues.  To be Continued...

Julie & Blue
Vidor, TX-April 2012
She is a 16 yr old rescued mare, I worked her a few yrs ago and she was a holy terror.  Because of the abuse she
was hard to handle and literally drag me around the  After 30 days with her she was a 100% she has been off since the end of last summer and Gwen asked me to get her back undersaddle...I was
glad to help!

Keli, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you working with Sally.  I had been unable to ride her for several
months and I did not trust myself to get up in the saddle. Keli took Sally for 2 weeks (refresher course) and she came
back a new horse! I just spent 3 days on Sally taking part in a horsemanship class and she was the best behaved
horse in attendence!  I can ride Sally with confidence and satisfaction knowing Keli is only a phone call away.

Thank you,

Gwen Tallant
Bridge City, TX-June 2012

Click to watch video of Sally!
Deb and I sent Roque to you as a last chance, she was on her way the action, but you have turned her around an made
her the type of horse I can take to the trails with, thank you Keli.

Roque an 18 year old paint mare that was very pushy, disrepectful and at dangerous (she would try to bite if you made
her work hard); headed home today, (8/31/2012), about 2:30 pm after Danny took her for a spin around the arena to
get a little instruction on how to handle her pushiness under saddle. Remember this mare is 18 yrs old and old habits
die her owners have to be consistence and continue to follow through with having consequences to any bad or
unacceptable behavior. Danny and Debbie now have the tools to keep her in check! :)

Thank you,

Danny & Debbie Borel
Bridge City, TX-August 2012
After talking and meeting with several trainers around the SETX area, I decided to send my 12 yr old mare, Freckles, to
KG Horse Training & Breeding. Freckles was extremely pushy, unwilling to work, and had started bucking, because of a
sour attitude. When I spoke with Keli Graham, the owner of KG Horse Training & Breeding, I explained my horse’s
problems, and listed my goals for Freckles. Right off, I was impressed by Keli knowledge and confidence in her methods.
So, in August of 2012, Freckles began her training at KG Horse Training & Breeding. Keli encouraged my participation in
every step of the training process, and kept me well informed of Freckle’s training times. Keli took the time to explain and
teach me each training session that I attended.
Within one week, Freckles was doing well with her ground work exercises, and Keli had corrected all but one of Freckles’
problems. After week two, Keli came to me an explained that Freckles did not have the personality to become the barrel
horse I had hope for.
“You will never be able to compete off of Freckles; she is just a naturally lazy horse.”
I was impressed by Keli honesty, and professional assessment of my mare’s personality. She explained, “Freckles would
be great for beginner riders to learn on, but not for intermediate or experienced riders looking to compete”. After hearing
this news, my family and I decided that Freckles would need to find another home, where she could help a beginner rider
gain their confidence in the saddle. Keli graciously helped us find Freckles a new home quickly with a little girl that is just
beginning to ride.
KG Horse Training & Breeding is dedicated to their clients and horses learning together, thus creating a bond between
horse and owner. We are extremely blessed to have found KG Horse Training & Breeding, and will continue to send
horses to Keli for training.


Tiffany Harding
Buna, TX-August 2012
Dear Keli,

I would like to say thank you for working with our horse Daisy. I sent you a pushy, stubborn spoiled brat and got back a
much better horse. For those of you that don't know Daisy, she is AQHA with her bloodlines from the Pitzer Ranch in
Daisy belongs to my daughter Katharine.  Katharine is 14 and is very aggressive with her training.  Katharine is working
with Daisy every day, weather permitting, after school. Daisy is still green but with the work out she is becoming an
excellent horse. Katharine is able to ride her in the round-pen and on our property now.
I have 2 other horses that Kelli has worked with and she has done an excellent job. I would recommend KG Horse
Training & Breeding to anyone!

Thank you again,

Gwen & Katharine Tallant,
Bridge City, TX-Oct. 2012

Horses worked:
Sally=2009 & 2012
I sent my yearling stud to Keli to learn some manners and get his ground work.  He didn't lead, load, stand for bathes,
lunge, but he would run over the top of you and was always in your pocket.  We had to load one of our mares and
then him, and still had to force him in.  He spent 30 days with Keli at KG Horse Training & Breeding and came home a
new horse; I am so amazed at the chance in him.  We sent our two weanlings for training with Keli earlier this year
and as with them, Keli did a great job teaching them to lead, load, take bathes, do all their ground/round pen work.  
When he came home he was a very well behaved and repectful "Little Man".  Thanks for all you work and instruction
and we will continue to send all our horses and foals to Keli for their first training through saddle breaking.

Thanks again,
Stacey & Mike Crumpler,
Bridge City, TX-June 2012
My daughter, Keli bought Sunshine for me a couple of years ago and put 30 days of training on her before bringing her
to me.  I went to the Clinton Anderson Walkabout Tour in Lufkin this year with my daughter.  I went home and trying
doing the ground work exercises that Keli had taught her and that Clinton was doing.  I was doing pretty good, but
wasn't sure if I was doing it right; so I decided to bring Sunshine down to Keli's to get her to teach me how to do the
guide me.  Her instruction was very helpful and much appreciated.

Your Dad, (Gary Morse),
Nacodogches, TX-Dec. 2012

This is Sunshine and my Dad
at home in Nacodogches
Daddy and Sunshine trying their hand at barrel racing here at
KG Horse Training & Breeding Facilities
Miss Embers
Savanah (daughter)- My mom and I were looking for someone to help us with our hard headed, pushy, crazy mare!
We saw Keli's add on and sent her right away.  With in no time we saw Miss Embers change, after 30 days of
hard work she has turned out to be a very good horse!  If you need any help with your horse or breeding, call Keli!  You
won’t be sorry! (:
Lisa (mom)- We sent Miss Embers to Keli for a good tune up with her crazy self, in just 2 weeks we seen a amazed
different with her.  She was a whole new horse!  With 2 more weeks you could not even tell she was the same horse.
Thanks Keli for your work with our horse, if we need any more help with our other horse we call Keli.

Thanks again Keli,
Lisa & Savanah Coleman,
Evadale, TX (Dec. 2012)
totally remodeled the barn and re-fenced most of the property and added a full size riding arena.  We have had a very
great horses!!  Without God my business wouldn't be as successful as it is :)  Now it's time to move on to the next
year and the next great adventure that God has for us...see y'all in 2013!  God Bless!!