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I send my daughter’s horse ShuShu to Keli @ KG Horse Training for reining training.  She’s fully broke, but only plow or
mule reined.  I wanted her to learn how to neck rein so my 9 yr old daughter could start doing play-days on her.  ShuShu
spent 30 days with Keli & was doing very well; I went out to check her progress several times a week & even rode her
myself to get a fill of her progress.  I was very happy with the progress ShuShu had made & plan to send my barrel racing
gelding to Keli for some polishing up.  
Thanks a Keli & KG Horse Training & Breeding

Anna & ShuShu

Buna, TX-March 2011
Baby Girl
A 7 yr old mare that I just bought & put her into training to make sure she was ready to go for trail rides. The folks I
bought her from had her with a trainer & I couldn't figure out why she would do great for me one day & the next day she
would crow-hop & cow-kick. I contacted Keli @ KG Horse Training to talk with her about this issue.  She asked me to
bring out for a week to her facility & let her see what, if anything she could do with her.  Once we arrived, Keli
immediately began working with her; Baby did great for Keli.  After three weeks with Keli Baby was no longer
crow-hopping or cow-kicking, she was not balking at ditches or mud-holes any more either. I was so glad that Baby was
doing so well with Keli. Her daughter & several other apprentices rode Baby with no issues at all. Then Keli began
working to help me with my riding abilities.  I appreciate everything Keli & KG Horse Training did to help me & Baby.

Judy & Baby Girl

Beaumont, TX-March 2011
Testimonials 2011
Ricochet-UPDATE 11/12/2011:
Ricochet has arrived at KG Horse Training & Breeding to complete his training.  When he leaves he will be broke to
ride! Ricochet has been everything from a dream to a pain to work with, but I wouldn't trade one minute of it.  I have
made great lifelong friends with the Simmons family and look forward to being part of Ricochet's life for a long time to
come.  They are considering putting him into cutting or reining competition once I have him saddle broke.  I think he will
do awesome at what ever he does!
Luckily he didn't cut the tendon and was laid up for about 2 months.  He is now over that and his leg is all healed and
looks great!  We started his training back up today (6/5/2011), we will just be working a few days a week to refresh him
pics so y'all can see how he has grown since Nov. 2010.  Come back to see regular updates on his progress!  KG HT&B
Ricochets castration...he was so
funny, drugged
A 20 month old stock horse buckskin gelding who was in bad need of an attitude adjustment, trailer and finish work.  I
was with Tucker the night he was born, imprinted him and had carried out much of his beginning training, he was “My
Baby” but I had reached an impasse with him.  Tucker had definitely entered his “terrible two” phase.  After two short
weeks at KG Horse Training Tucker was a new horse.  Tucker’s entire personality had improved.  At the end of his
“boot camp” with Keli he was loading and unloading with a point of the hand.  His improvement in ground manners has
surpassed anything I could have hoped for.  At the end of the two weeks I was so impressed with how far he had
come, I wanted him to stay for another two weeks to see what else Keli could bring out of him.  After an additional two
weeks with Keli she has finished out his ground work and started him under saddle.  Keli then turned her attention to
me; she has helped fill in the gaps in my own training and showed me a better way to handle and manage Tucker.  
The month Tucker has spent at KG Horse Training was well worth it for both of us.  Thank you so much for everything
you have done for Tucker and me.

Brittany & Tucker,

Fannett, TX - June 2011
He is a 4 year old palomino gelding.  He has a head slinging and setting back problem...he also likes to knock you
down while bridling him.  He had a tick get in his ear and made it sore and then a tooth abscess on him.  So taking
the bit and putting on a bridle was a major ordeal.  Once we realized what the problem was and had the Vet take
care of both the tick and the tooth issues, we then turned our attention to Mac and addressing his head shy
problem that developed during this time.  We sent him to Keli with KG Horse Training for two weeks to help us fix
these problems.  He is doing much better and Keli took time to work with Blaze and Mac together to show Blaze how
to handle, work through, and correct the bad behavior.  Thanks Keli

Bridge City, TX-October 2011
"I bought my Missouri Fox Trotter ('Dutch') when I was 6 months pregnant, so I was unable to ride him from day
weeks were great, but the longer he stayed here, the worse his behavior got! He wouldn't yield his body; he horse
I had bought, that was so well-mannered and "dog-dead broke"! After he spooked in the pasture and knocked me
and me niece to the ground (while I was 8 months pregnant), everyone wanted me to get rid of him. I was
heartbroken. Still unable to ride him myself, and too pregnant to discipline him, I began looking for a trainer to
help me. I found Keli's website on and emailed her immediately. I received a quick response
and when she told me she would come pick him up, bring him to her facility, and work with him for 45 days I was so
relieved!  I planned his training around the birth of my son, so that when he came home, I would be ready to ride.
From the moment Keli got here to pick him up, I knew I had made the right decision.  He wouldn't trailer, so she
spent well over an hour trying to get him into the trailer. She had so much determination and fairness in the way
see Dutch and couldn't believe my eyes. His ground work and respect were 100% improved. He yielded his body,
did everything Keli asked, and wasn't spooky! I watched her swing a whip over his head while he just stood there
with his eyes half closed. After two more weeks, several people were riding him under Keli's instruction and he was
doing great. Because he is gaited, he was quite popular! Now that he is home and I can ride, we enjoy exploring
our 140 acres of wooded trails together. The other day, we even ran through the woods down a familiar trail,
all-the-while I was completely in control and confident that he wouldn't do anything crazy. Dutch has become
everything I had hoped for when I bought him, and I owe much of his success to Keli Graham.  I would definitely
recommend her expertise to anyone looking for a fair and patient trainer."

Krystal Williams,
Mauriceville, TX-November 2011
Robyn & Dutch-2011
Krystal's first ride on Dutch!
I brought Angel, my TWH mare to Keli for help getting her respectful, listening to me and generally trying to calm
her down.  She's a very, very nervous girl, and I needed some help getting through to her, as well as getting my
cues straight to her.  
She also didn't like the horse trailer at all -- metal cage on wheels.  Very shortly after I brought her to Keli, not
only was she no longer afraid of the trailer, but you better get out of the way because she's gonna be the first
one in now!  It's awesome!  Keli accomplished this the first time she really worked her -- amazing!  
While she still has her moments from time-to-time of nervousness, I feel like I can get her back to thinking fairly
quickly now, whereas before it's kinda like hold on for the ride.  She is so much more responsive and respectful
to me now, and I think, with continued work, she and I are going to build a trusting, confident relationship and be
partners for life!  
Keli also uncovered an issue with Angel's feet that my farrier never brought to my attention, which explains her
"rough ride" sometimes.  She has a very well-rounded knowledge of horses in general as well as horsemanship.  
She has stayed in touch with me during the time Angel was with her and after I brought her back home, which I
sincerely appreciate.  I look forward to going back for some new riding tips and would not hesitate to bring any of
my other horses to her.
Thank you, Keli, for helping me out with my lil "Angel," who sometimes could be the complete opposite of her
name -- lol.  

Renee Parsley-Aug. 2011
Sulphur, Louisiana

Renee and Clinton Anderson-Walkabout
Tour 2011-Katy, TX
Renee, Tammy, Clinton and
Me-Walkabout Tour 2011-Katy, TX
WOW! With only one week and a whole lotta rain Keli Graham has turned my disrespectful, rearing, & rude 3 yr
old Buckskin mare into a pleasure to be around. I bought "Miss Alabama Rose" aka "Bama" about 5 months ago
after we formed a bond over the fence behind my house. All I knew about her was that she was a beautiful mare
that looked forward to my evening visits & treats. Well, after purchasing her I soon found out that she did not like
doing anything if it was not done her way. She reared while bridling or attempting to saddle. I was told that she
was well behaved & had never been a problem child---wrong! So, I began searching online for help. I came
across the KG Horse Training site & found that it was located less than 2 miles from my house. With one phone
call, Keli showed up the next day to assess Bama. First attempt to halter she began rearing & wild eyes. Bama
found out that day that Keli Graham meant business. We all realized that evening that Bama had been trained &
knew what to do, it was apparent that she associated training with pain. The next afternoon, Keli brought her
trailer out & spent almost 2 hours working to load Bama for the short ride to her place. With Keli's knowledge &
has been home only 3 days & she looks forward to doing her exercises in the evening. I am able to bridle,
saddle, ride, AND enjoy my beautiful little mare thanks to Keli & her God given talent & patience with both Bama
& me.
Thank you Keli, you have become a lifelong friend!

Stacey & "Bama"

Bridge City, TX-July 2011
I am Chris Zimmerman owner of Dan (Doughboy).  I was a resent client of KG Horse training.  Keli was able to
get Dan to move through the exercises that he needed to gain his respect on the ground so that it would
transition to the saddle. She also helped me in learning the lessons so that I would be able to gain his respect.
You have to be willing to put the time and effort in to get the reward.  And gain the confidence to work with not
only your horse but others as well.  So get started with someone who cares about you and your horse and
wants you to have the best partnership possible.

Thanks Keli
Mauriceville, TX-Sept. 2011
Click here to watch video of Dan

UPDATE 11/2011:
Dan was a good horse, but just didn't work out for what I wanted, so I asked Keli to help me sell him & she found
a buyer, I sold him and then she helped me find Dakota, a 9 yr old paint mare.  Another of Keli's clients, Jan &
Kenny, had her for sale and she is perfect for what I want.  Keli will not only help you to get the respect you
need from your horse and work through any problems you are having; but she will advise you on whether your
horse is trainable or not.  She will go out of her way to help you locate a horse that fits you and your needs.  
From left to right:  John, Chris (Dan's owner), Kris, and Ron; at Clinton
Anderson Walkabout Tour 2011-Katy, TX
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