Ricochet & Nessa
We are the owners of a quarter horse colt, “Ricochet”, who was in much need of training and learning
some manners.  At the time, he was 4 1/2 months old, very spoiled and pushing us around.  We were
unable to halter him; he was biting and chasing us all in the name of horseplay.  As colts grow quite fast,
we quickly realized we could be injured very easily.  I contacted Keli Graham with KG Horse Training.  She
came out and assessed Ricochet and started his training the following week.  Within a very short time, he
was being haltered, leading and accomplished in this groundwork.  By 5 1/2 months, he is lunging with a
small saddle and being bridled.  Keli is very knowledgeable, answered all our endless questions and
trained us to continue working our horses using Clinton Anderson methods.  We also needed to get his
momma, “Nessa” back into shape and able to be ridden again.  We are now able to ride Nessa and she is
a joy.  We find Keli and her staff to be very professional and personable.  We highly recommend her
service.  We cannot wait until spring when Ricochet is older so Keli can resume his continued education in
order to be ridden.  Thanks to Keli he's now manageable and a pleasure to own.

The Simmons-Beaumont -Aug. 2010

With two horses to work; I called Candy out to give me a hand.  Momma "Nessa" needed to get back into
shape after having "Ricochet" and Ricochet needed to learn some manners; he was a very pushy little

We did a 2 wk refresher course with Ricochet and started prepping him for saddle breaking.  He took the
saddle and bridle without a problem and even accepted weight in stirrup and across his back, don't see
him having any issues when he is old enough to start riding in a few months.
KG HT&B-March 2011
KG Horse Training & Breeding
Testimonials 2010
A 3 yr old registered Thoroughbred gelding, off the track about 8 months ago.  I bought him and brought
him to Keli to slow him down and teach him some ground manners.   I have had him for about 3-4 months
and he is doing great, I have taken him to a couple of play-days, just to ride and get him out of the
pasture.  He did wonderful; not competing on him yet, maybe later...just want to pleasure ride right now.  I
have a lifelong friend in Keli and know that if I need her help she is just a phone call away!  Thanks for all
your help.

Tammy & Jinx

Little Cypress, TX-2010
I am Danielle and I sent my 2 yr old gelding Dickey, to Keli's for 30 days of training and to have him
saddle broke.  I was very amazed that in that 30 days, she not only taught him respect and ground
manners; but also had him broke to ride.  I was ready for him to stay longer.  Usually 30 days for ground
training and 30 days for saddle breaking; but Keli was able to get it done in just 30 days, thanks Keli.  
She has also become a great friend and I will be happy to send any of my horses to her for training.

Danielle & Dickey

Vidor, TX-2010
Cool Gun "Prize", Fashion, Rog & Dakota
"My name is Jan; my husband & I have 4 horses; Dakota, Prize, Fashion, & Rog.  Rog just needed some
reining work, Dakota was good to go, but Prize & Fashion were yearling's & needed ground up work.  
We hired KC Horse Training to work with the yearling's.  They began working with them & within a short
time; we could see a big change in their behavior/manners.  They worked with us & showed us all their
techniques & how to handle them as well as how to correct them.  We appreciate all the work they did
with the babies & with us.  We plan on continuing with the training & having KC Horse Training come
back in about 6 months, when it’s time to saddle break & ride them.  Great job girls!"

Jan & Kenny

Port Acres, TX-2010

UPDATE-Aug. 2011:
This is Cool Gun "Prize" in he first ever NRHA competition. He is owned by S Bar S Ranch in Texas and
he is a former client. I trained him as a yearling stud on his ground work and manners and started him
under saddle. He is now in the big leagues with his current reining trainer (William Lin Whetstine) and
competing in NRHA shows around the nation. We at KG Horse Training & Breeding will be keeping a
close eye on his progress and updating you regularly. He is scheduled to be in the APHA World Show in
Ft. Worth, TX this fall...WOW!  By the way, he placed 3rd out of 8 on Saturday and 4th out of 13 over all
between Saturday and Sunday...this competition was 8/13-14/2011 in Texarkana, AR the Four State
Summer Slide Competition!

UPDATE 11/3/2011:
"Prize" competed in the APHA World Championship Show in Fort Worth, TX.  He didn't place as well as
we had hoped, but he is 9th in the World; so all in all, that's not bad for a 3 yr old.  He will be competing
in many more shows in the yrs to come.  You can follow him right here on or on our
Facebook page.  
Working on getting the video of his run uploaded ASAP!
Keli has been a great friend
and help to us with not just
Prize and Fashion; but she
found us a great local trainer
to help with our other stallion
"Romeo" that at 2 yrs old was
getting dangerous and out of
hand.  She wasn't able to
take him, but found us a
trainer that she is friends with
and he was able to take him.  
She also helped us find a
good home for one of our
mares, Dakota.  She is has
become a lifelong friend and
I would happily send any of
my horses to her for training.

Thanks Keli for all your help
and your friendship!

Jan & Kenny Shavers
Cool Guns "Prize"
My name is Gary, I bought an ex-barrel mare "Sunny" to be able to trail ride at the lake and hunt off of.  
She had a little to much-get-up-and-go for me, so I called Keli to see if she could slow her down a bit
for me.  Keli came out and worked with Sunny and me for about 45 day total and established her
ground work, showed me how to work her and had me up in the saddle working with me on my riding
and showing me how to cue Sunny correctly.  When are now riding and having a great time.

Gary & Sunni

Bridge City, TX-2010
He is a great little horse that I bought for my 12 year old daughter to ride.  The only problem he has, is
he's scared of everything.  I called Keli Graham out to access him & she worked with him for just over
30 days and he was calmer, less spooky and had my daughter working him on the ground and in the
saddle.  She showed my daughter how to work him and continue his training; she has called to check
in on his progress a few times since he has come home. Warrior is doing great and getting better
everyday.  This is the second horse that they have worked for me and I would recommend their
services to any one that is having problems with their horses.  They did a great job!

Gwen & Warrior

Bridge City, TX-2010
I sent my mare "Holly" to stay for onsite training for 30 days; she was 6 and never anything more than a
pet.  She was very pushy, had never had a saddle on her and she thought she was the boss.  After 30
days of on-site training, I went to pick her up and Keli took the time to show me what she had done with
Holly and how to do her exercises.  She had me in the arena working her on the ground and then we
saddled her up so I could ride.  It was great to finally be able to ride her.  I had some trouble when I got
her home; so they drove to my house and worked with me and Holly and got us back on the right road.  I
have taken Holly on trail rides to the beach and she has done exceptionally well. I appreciate all the help.

Kathy & Holly

LaBelle, TX-2010

Please see the
note to the right
of the testimony!
My name is Mark, I found a beautiful black and white paint stallion in Buna that I was interested in
purchasing, but didn’t know if he would be able to be ridden.  The folks that owned him had never
ridden him and wasn’t sure if he had ever been ridden.  He was 12 yrs old and had great bloodlines
(registered), so I wanted to keep him a stud, but have him safe to ride.  I contacted Keli with KC Horse
Training and asked her come look at him and give me her opinion.  Keli drove to Buna and spent
about a hr working with him and getting info from the owners and talking with me to get a good
understanding of what I wanted; then she told me that he was trainable & able to be ridden.  She said
he had a good head on him; just have to get past the testosterone…lol.  So I bought him and got him
home and settled in.  I called Keli and scheduled them to come out and start his training.  They spent
30 days with him and had me riding him.  They did a great job, I would recommend them to anyone
that is having problems with their horses.


Mauriceville, TX-2010
Cheyenne & Jubee
"I bought 2 horses for my daughters Samantha & Kaylee; the horses are named Jubee & Cheyenne.  
When we bought them they rode great & there were no issues.  As time passed the horses began to
fidget when being saddled, cow-kick, & buck.  We contacted KC Horse Training, they came out &
assessed the mares & told us what needed to be done.  They started working with the mares &
teaching the girls how to handle & correct them.  After 30 days with the horses, the girls had learned
how to handle & correct them properly & had them back in the saddle & riding safely with no bucking,
cow-kicking, or fidgeting while being saddled.  The horses were also featured on a segment of Hot
Jobs w/Brandon Jones from Fox 4 News.  It has been a great experience for the girls & their horses.  
Thanks again to Keli & Candy."

Sandy, Mark, Samantha, & Kaylee

Sour Lake, TX-2010
My name is Mike & I sent my horse Flash to Keli to make sure he was safe to ride.  I bought some
land and Flash came with the property.  He was very sweet and lovable, but that didn't mean you
could ride him.  Keli & Candy came out & assessed him & gave me a price.  We made arraignments
to move him to Keli’s the falling week.  Flash sent thirty days at Keli’s & he did great; I went by at
least 3 days a weeks to see the progress he was making.  After only two weeks Keli & her daughter
was riding him outside of the round pen.  She then started working with me & helped me to learn how
to do his ground work & give him the correct cues under-saddle.  It was a great feeling to be able to
ride Flash for the first time…I was like a kid in a candy store.  Thanks so much for all your help.

Mike & Flash

Mauriceville, TX-2010
Unfortunately Flash had to be
put down.  He had an abscess
in his foot that just wouldn't go
away & ended up in the bone.  
The vet advised to put him
down for his own welfare

RIP Flash, you will be greatly
Max, Duke, Outlaw & Blackjack
I had several horses that I needed help with.  My daughters and I were really having a difficult time
getting our horses to behave at home and especially in public.  I contacted Keli and Candy with KC
Horse Training and they came out to see what they would be working with.  They agreed to work with
us and began immediately.  Within a week the horses were much better behaved and we were
learning so much.  They worked with us for about 2 months, they worked the horses and taught us
how to work them.  Once we learned to cues and got a routine going all the bad behavior went away.  
My girls are now competing in play-days and I am able to trail ride with them.  We enjoy our time with
our horses now without worrying about bad behavior.  Thanks girls, great job!


Orangefield, TX-2010
Update 2011:
Lisa, Hanna, and Emily have all been doing great with their horses.  They are all running events in rodeos and
playdays all over SETX and SWLA...way to go ladies...see y'all at the next event!
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We trained 18 horses this year, we are having an awesome time, working with our clients and their great
horses.  We are looking for to 2011...see y'all next year :) God Bless!!
I received a message on
Facebook Saturday
(5/2/2015), stating that she
Kathy and that she didn't
write this testimony.  I told
her that if the information
was incorrect I would correct
or delete the testimony.  I
also told her that this post
was posted before Candy
and I parted ways.  Prior to
10/2010, Candy tracked the
e-mails, posted testimonies
and did all the updates on
our website.  I again
apologized to her for any
incorrect information and
again asked if she wanted
me to delete or make
corrections to the
testimony.  She never
replied.  So the main issue
was that the age is wrong
and that we, according to
Kathy) never went to her
house.  I informed her that
yes we came out to her
house and that the business
was KC Horse Training back
then.  The age is apparently
the only incorrect
information.  Holly was,
according to Kathy, 2 years
old instead of 6.  Now with all
that said, if Kathy didn't write
this testimony, then Candy
made it up with the
information we had from
Kathy and from our training
experiences with Holly.
don't condone posting
false or incorrect
 So, at this
point I am not sure if Candy
made it up or what.  Kathy
didn't answer me about
correcting or deleting the
testimony, so I will be leaving
it up with this message.