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Shashee, Fancy, Stormy, Harley & Beauty
I have 3 horses all young with no training. I called Keli & KG Horse Training to come & start training them and me. Now
they are doing great in the ground work and I'm riding them. I'm training in barrels and hope to be ready for the rodeo
with my horses. Keli has taking so much time to show me how to ride and work my horses. As a student she took me to
Clinton Anderson Clinic with the another student and we learned so much. I look forward to keep working with them and
becoming a trainer my self one day.
Thank you Keli


I just got my 4th horse "Harley"; she is my barrel horse.  I was having some problems with her being high headed and a
few other issues.  I called Keli w/KG Horse Training & Breeding, she started working with Harley & she is dong much
better.  I will give the full update when Keli finishes her training.

Breanna, April 2011

I got to go to the Martha Josey week long barrel training clinic and took Harley.  She did great and we learned a lot.  
Thanks to Keli w/ KG Horse Training & Breeding for helping me get Harley ready for the Martha Josey clinic!

Breanna, June 2011

I have been working with Keli for almost 3 yrs now, I started as her apprentice while she was still working my horses.  I
have graduated to be able to have my own gig in the business.  I am doing birthday parties for folks that would like to
have horses at their children's parties and doing riding lessons.  I have learned a lot from Keli and she is still teaching
me new things all the time, Thanks Keli.

Breanna, August 2011

Beauty was used as horse for handicapped kids up until the age of 10, I bought her and used her for trail riding and
that was about it. She is getting up there in her age, she is 23 years old so I mainly use her to ride kids around,
parades, or carry flags up at our church and now using her for horse back birthday parties.  She is so gentle she has
no buck bite or kick and is wonderful with kids, she walks a slow steady walk.

Update Sept. 2011:
Won my first barrel racing competition and took money home.  Thanks to Keli @ KG horse training and breeding for
helping me to get my horses respectful and responsive and the Martha Josey for barrel training.  Go ride and have fun!
My name is Dudley & I bought a horse named Hemi to rope off of.  He was very high-strung & would not stand quiet in
the box or anywhere else for that matter.  I found KC Horse Training & contacted them, they came out & assessed
Hemi & began working with him right away.  Within a few short weeks they had him standing quiet & calmed him way
down.  I have been roping off of him & my daughter has even run barrels on him.  He is doing great! I also had them
work with a barrel mare (Ginger) for my daughter; she has also calmed down & is doing great as well.  Thanks again
KC Horse Training.
Dudley & Hemi

Mauriceville, TX-2009   
I bought my daughter an older mare named Bay to run barrels on; she was very high-strung & too much for my
daughter to handle.  She would rare up & pull the reins out of her hands; she was ready to go before you ever got
on her back.   I came across a business card for KC Horse Training & contacted them; they came out & spent an
hour or so with Bay & let me know what needed to be done to get her calmed down for my daughter handle & ride
safely.  Keli began working with her & spent a total of 30 days with her & my daughter.  At the end of the 30 days
Bay was like a different horse, calm, well-mannered & my daughter was able to work with her & run barrels without
her raring up & pulling the reins out for her hands & she would stand calm & quiet till she was signaled to move.  
Thanks to KC Horse Training my daughter is now safely ride & competing on Bay.  


Little Cypress, TX-2009
I took her on a trail ride & she did great till out of nowhere a dog came running across the trail & underneath
Treasure.  She freaked out & started bucking; I was thrown off & broke two ribs.  I found KC Horse Training on
SETX.com & called them.  They came out & gave me an assessment for free & they were very professional.  I hired
them to work with Treasure & me; they started right away & within a very short time they had her thinking about things
before reacting.  If something spooked her, instead of running & bucking she would flinch & stand quiet; they also
showed me how to work with her.  I appreciate all they did for Treasure & I.  I have had her back out on the trail & she
did great; no spook & no buck!"  Thanks a bunch KC Horse Training,

Barbara & Treasure

Bridge City, TX-2009

Update 2011: Treasure was too slow for Barbara, so she sold her and now Treasure is owned by a family with an
autistic boy and he and Treasure have bonded and he rides her regularly.  She does so good with him and it really
helps his health and state of mind to have her...how awesome is that? :)
Is a 7 yr old Thoroughbred fresh off of the track mare. I bought her almost a year ago, and thought I had enough to
please me. She was just way too green to everything, was spooking at everything, and wanted to always go faster than
I had planned on! I had actually broken my finger trying to stop her when she took off one day. It was an unsettling
experience. I decided even with her gentle nature I could not keep her without help. That is when I stumbled on Keli and
Candy's website! They were extremely quick to respond to my questions, and 3 days later were here to pick Kasey up.
They kept her for 30 days...put some miles on her, taught her the basics of what she needed (since she was a
racehorse she only knew to go straight ahead!), and most importantly they installed some brakes! They even
suggested I switch her food! I had been feeding her a feed I thought was a good choice for her, but it was giving her
more energy than what she needed! They really helped us out. They gave us both the confidence we needed to be
lifelong friends! Keli and Candy are extremely nice and truly care about horses and their people!

Hope Carling, Lafayette, LA-2009

UPDATE 2011:
Kasey and I are taking on competitive trail riding with a barn buddy of ours! She is doing great so far she's..walked over
a log, and a tarp..we can open a gate, but she gets impatient and wants to blow through it. It gives us something to
work at! You'd be proud of that girl! She has turned out to be a darn good horse!
Hope Carling, July 2011
A 11 year old ex barrel Quarter horse. When I got him it was right before the storm Ike. I had to find some one after
all this time to help me cause I had no idea where to start! I called KC Horse Training and in just 2 weeks with ground
work and saddle time, He was great! I can now go riding and trail rides. They came to my house and that made it so
easy for me. I was very happy with the service I had, Now I'm going to have them work on my 2 year old that is out of
control, But I know it will be fine cause they are the best! Thanks Girls!


Lumberton, TX-2009
Kasey before
Kasey after
Rambo, Daisy & Cheyenne
My name is Sylvia & I had KC Horse Training work with 3 of my horses.  I had 2 older mares that had not been ridden
since Hurricane Ike & wanted to get them back under saddle for me to ride.  I was unable to do it myself due to back
surgery.  I hired KC Horse Training to work with them & get them ready for me to ride.  Keli worked with Cheyenne for 2
weeks & had me riding her; she then worked another 2 weeks with Daisy & I was riding her.  It was so great to be able
to ride them again.  The 3rd horse I had them work with was my 2 yr old gelding, Rambo, he was totally unbroken &
Candy spent several months working with him from the ground up.  I sent Rambo to Keli's for the final 30 days of his
training to finish him out.  Keli took extra care in working with my horses, to make sure they were safe for me to ride.
After back surgery I can’t afford to take a spill & my balance is off.   I was so happy & excited to finally get to ride my
little man, Rambo.  I have had so much fun riding the 3 of them; thanks to KC Horse Training.

Thanks KC,

Sylvia, Cheyenne, Daisy, & Rambo

Bridge City, TX-2009
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She is a 16 yr old rescued mare, than was a holy terror.  Because of the abuse she was hard to handle and literally
drag me around the pasture; because Gwen (her owner) didn’t have a round pen....lol.  After 30 days with her she
was a 100% better and Gwen was back riding her.  She didn’t want to stand still for mounting, after an hour or so of
riding she would lay down with her rider still aboard, she was spooky and didn’t like to work (LAZY)!

Keli, Thanks so much for all the hard work you did with Sally.  I can now enjoy going on trail rides and not worrying
about her acting up or laying down with me.  

Gwen Talant
Bridge City, TX- 2009
We trained 14 years this year and had a blast doing it....see y'all in 2010! God Bless!! :)